Professor Kant’s Incredible Day
  • 400 ₽
  • 360 ₽
  • Year: 2016
  • Language: Russian
  • Publisher: Ad Marginem
  • ISBN: 9785911032852
  • Page: 64
  • Cover: hardcover

A day in the life of Immanuel Kant: a philosopher who was “burdened by his genius,” and who fought his insomnia by thinking about Cicero.


“God must have created Immanuel Kant on a day he had no one to play chess with.” Kant, however, instead of playing games with God, invented German philosophy. Failing to grasp his ideas, his contemporaries called him “the Chinaman of Königsberg.” Indeed, to his neighbors, Kant was like a clock, always performing the same actions at exactly the same time every day. But one day, his daily routine was interrupted by an encounter with a beautiful lady and the ghost of Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg. That day, Kant stayed at home, while the city descended into chaos…  

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