GARAGE × Chandelier

GARAGE × Chandelier

Who are you, a flower-person, a smile-person or a computer-person? Whoever you are, you have the right to be yourself.

From April 2, to mark World Autism Awareness Day, you will be able to purchase T-shirts,

shoppers, stickers, and smartphone cases with prints by participants of the Museum’s

inclusive studio, Lyustra.

Lyustra is a small drawing and illustration studio that appeared in the Museum two years

ago. It provides a space for young people with developmental disabilities. Most of the

participants have autism and can experience difficulties in communication and other

interactions with those around them.

The Inclusive Programs team has tried to create a comfortable space for different people

with a shared interest in illustration. Lessons take place in the studio every week.

Participants create works on various themes and try out different illustration techniques.

During lessons in the studio, the flower-person, computer-person, and many other

characters appeared. The prints were based on these illustrations.

Illustrators: Maximiliam Suvorov, Maxim Ivanov, Boris Vsesvyatsky

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