Gift certificate 1000 rubles

  • 1 000 ₽
  • 1 000 ₽

Rules for using gift certificates to make purchases in Garage Shop


  1. When ordering online, an electronic version of the GC is sent to the email address indicated in the order and contains the following information: the certificate code, which is an integral part of the GC, the nominal value, and the expiry date.
  2. The GC can be used for full or partial payment of purchases at Garage Shop and at the Garage Shop online store.
  3. The purchaser of the GC has the right to transfer it to a third party.
  4. Receiving the GC for use means the purchaser and holder’s unconditional consent to these Rules.
  5. When paying for goods in one check, the only one GC can be used.
  6. If the value of the selected goods exceeds the nominal value of the GC, the difference can be paid in cash or card.
  7. If the value of the selected goods is less than the nominal value of the GC, the difference can be used for the next purchase.
  8. The GC cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. When returning goods purchased using the GC, they can be exchanged or a new GC can be issued.
  10. The GC is not personal, it is a bearer certificate.
  11. In case of loss, the GC cannot be blocked and/or restored.
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