Hoop earrings
  • 2 100 ₽
  • 1 890 ₽

Plastic ring diameter 36 mm


Specially for Garage, Polina Cherpovitskaya, the artist behind Recycle.object, has designed a second, summer jewelry collection. The jewelry is made from ABS plastic left over from 3D printing. The crushed plastic is pressed at a particular temperature, resulting in a material resembling marble. Guided by the principles of waste-free production, Polina Cherpovitskaya reuses material left over from the creation of jewelry. This collection features necklaces, earrings, and keyrings. The earring fittings are made of rhodium-plated surgical steel and the chains are made of gold-plated metal. Five percent of the cost of each Recycle.object product goes to the social and environmental project Sobirator.rf.

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