Music and the brain: About Music’s Magical Powers and Its Fantastic Effect on the Brain
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Creativity in music and the skills to play and appreciate music are uniquely human characteristics. All mammals seem to enjoy a tune but only human beings show true musicality and ability to communicate through music. The brain composes music to please itself: one can learn much about how the brain works by studying its responses to music and music-making.


This book is written as three parts:

  • The first part discusses what brain does with music, that is: how music is sensed and perceived, processes grouped together as the basis for ‘perception of music’.
  • The second part describes what music does to the brain: how it affects its functioning and enables it to change — effects known as manifestations of neuroplasticity. The authors then go on to analyse the characteristics of ‘the musician’s brain’ — the brains of musicians have shared features that set them apart from other people’s brains.
  • In the third part, the authors give an account of the ways in which the brain-changing effects of music can be used to aid recovery after blows to the head and to treat neurological and related disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and mental illnesses.
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