Ella Who?

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A cute little story with a hugely endearing animal character. Let's meet Ella!
Here's a rather lovely treatment of the old "parents don't quite listen" story trope that we've seen played out so successfully in great little books like "Not Now, Bernard".

Though there are no monsters in "Ella Who?" by Linda Ashman and Sara Sanchez.

In fact there's a lovely little elephant who shows up unannounced one day, and befriends a young girl who has just moved into her new house.

She loves her new friend and swiftly discovers her likes and dislikes. But all too soon it looks like their friendship will come to an end. The elephant has been lost, strayed from a local wildlife preserve and the owners want her back.

It's a bittersweet story of making new friends, and understanding others. The parents in this book are the ones to look out for though. Is that something you're guilty of when you're wrapped up in checking your phone? You've definitely gotta listen more to your kids!

540 ₽ 480 ₽
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