In The Hall of Mirrors

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  • Year: 2021
  • Language: Russian
  • Publisher: No Kidding Press
  • ISBN: 9785604645017
  • Page: 168
  • Cover: paperback
  • About the Book

Portraits of Elisabeth or Sisi were circulated in countless copies in 19th century Europe, and Kylie lives her life online. Now they are brought together in Liv Strömquist’s new series album “Inside the Mirror Room”, which is about beauty as an ideal and a straitjacket. It’s hard to say how 24-year-old Kylie is doing today, her company still makes a billion dollars in profits, but Sisi couldn’t bear to age behind her eternally young portrait. She ate as little as possible and hid her real face from the world until she was murdered by an Italian anarchist.

1 300 ₽ 1 170 ₽
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