Шедевры мировой живописи в музеях СССР

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This album reproduces masterpieces of world painting from the first century AD to the beginning of the XX century. The compilers of the album observed chronological sequence, and thanks to this the reader has the opportunity to trace on the examples of the best works of painting almost twenty-century process of its development. Of course, it goes without saying that the completeness of the proposed picture depends on the nature of the collections of world painting in the museums of the Soviet Union.

The purpose of the album is to show the richness of world art culture on the samples of masterpieces kept in Soviet museums and, most importantly, to trace the development of the realistic beginning, to reveal the continuity that runs through the entire development of world culture. The album shows the inexhaustible wealth of realistic painting, the diversity of its forms accumulated over thousands of years of development.

700 ₽ 630 ₽
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