Dawoud Bey on Photographing People and Communities: The Photography Workshop Series
  • 4 450 ₽
  • 4 000 ₽
  • Год: 2018
  • Язык: английский
  • Издательство: Aperture
  • ISBN: 9781597113373
  • Страниц: 128
  • Обложка: мягкая

In this book, Dawoud Bey — well-known for his striking portraits that reflect both the individual and their larger community — offers his insight on creating meaningful and beautiful portraits that capture the subject and speak to something more universal. Through images and words, he shares his own creative process and discusses a wide range of issues, from lighting and location to establishing relationships with subjects, and practical strategies for starting a larger portraiture project.

Beautiful Ugly
Beautiful Ugly
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