Parkett No. 89: Mark Bradford, Oscar Tuazon, Charline von Heyl, Haegue Yang

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Москва, Парк Горького
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Москва, Дом Наркомфина
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Санкт-Петербург, Новая Голландия
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  • Год: 2011
  • Язык: английский
  • ISBN: 9783907582497
  • Страниц: 300
  • Обложка: мягкая
  • О книге

Parkett 89 presents features on Los Angeles bricoleur Mark Bradford, hugely acclaimed in recent years for his densely layered torn billboard paintings that record the constant erosion of the urban landscapes from which they are drawn, while also letting Bradford's personal history seep through the excavated surfaces; Oscar Tuazon, an American artist now living in Paris, who improvises structures in pre-existing buildings and in nature, using a combination of pre-fabricated and organic materials, from enormous concrete blocks, steel slabs and cardboard to tree trunks and gallery walls; New York-based painter Charline von Heyl, whose brightly colored, heavily gestural work juggles figuration and abstraction; and Seoul-born, Berlin-based Haegue Yang, who assembles her installations from everyday household devices that relay eerie psychological narratives (sometimes based on various historical figures), and whose recent installation at the New Museum in New York, using her signature venetian blinds, won her much critical attention. Also featured is a conversation with K8 Hardy; and writing for the issue are Kabir Carter, Huey Copeland, Christopher Bedford, Alan Licht, Jessica Morgan and Eileen Myles.

5 400 ₽ 4 860 ₽
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