Design & Visual Identity for Children's Spaces

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  • Год: 2021
  • Язык: английский
  • Издательство: Images Shenyang
  • ISBN: 9781864708813
  • Страниц: 232
  • Обложка: твердая
  • О книге

A strong visual identity is hard to miss, instantly catching the eye. In children's spaces, it is best tailored with their unique outlook in mind as children perceive the world around them differently from the rest of us, responding to specific sets of details.

Design and Visual Identity for Children's Spaces shares a variety of contemporary creative designs for children's spaces all over the world; they combine children-friendly visual elements with smart space design to tailor comfortable and conducive environments where they can learn, have fun, flourish, and be themselves.


Over 36 projects that focus on educational institutions, enrichment centers, recreational clubs, play zones, concept stores, and children's hospitals, among others, share concepts that transform spaces to make them more relatable for children through thoughtfully considered visual identity and interior layouts that resonate specifically with them. Designers dig deep, even consult with children, to create designs that call out to them in fun, inspiring spaces that unleash imaginations, while they foster a sense of connection and belonging.


Discover the rationales and inspirations behind these concepts, which also unify aspects of the business with a cohesive brand identity to promote the desired brand impressions and top-of-the-mind consumer recall. Through the projects in these pages, the reader is offered a host of thoughtful and creative solutions in designing children's spaces, making this book a handy tool for anyone in the business of managing children's spaces, or keen on designing children's spaces.

5 800 ₽ 5 220 ₽
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