Lima la Moderna / Модернисты в Лиме. Европейские иммигранты в архитектурной истории Перу 1937–1969

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Москва, Парк Горького
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Санкт-Петербург, Новая Голландия
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  • Год: 2023
  • Язык: английский
  • Издательство: DOM Publishers
  • ISBN: 9783869225951
  • Страниц: 240
  • Обложка: мягкая
  • О книге

Based on the award-winning doctoral thesis of Javier Atoche Intili, a specialist in architectural heritage with roots in both South America and Europe, this monograph focuses on the study of the most active European designers in 1940s Peru, including the Austrian Richard Neutra, the German-born Paul Lester Wiener and the Spaniard Josep Lluis Sert.
It also considers the economic, political and cultural circumstances that underpinned the design and use of multi-storey buildings in the historic centre of Lima: from the introduction of urban planning regulations to the presence of European-born architects who designed a significant number of these buildings, including Paul Linder from Germany, Mario Bianco from Italy and Theodor Cron from Switzerland. Finally, it reflects on the protection, conservation and valorisation of this vast architectural heritage.

3 770 ₽ 3 390 ₽
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