Kerry Hill Architects: Works and Projects

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  • Год: 2022
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  • Издательство: Thames & Hudson
  • ISBN: 9780500343661
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KHA has grown through the decades from a small studio in Singapore, known for redefining boutique hotels and resorts in Asia, to an architectural practice that embraces a distinguished global portfolio of public buildings and private residences, while continuing to pioneer innovation in resorts and hotels throughout the world. This comprehensive illustrated monograph captures KHA’s commitment to achieving authenticity and exactitude in its work. The buildings presented are highly sensitive to their settings, their relationship to the landscape and their cultural contexts. These values of place are also celebrated in their interior spaces, which are enriched by contemporary crafting and highly considered details.

KHA / Kerry Hill Architects: Works and Projects brings together a corpus of more than fifty completed works from 1992 to the present, with an emphasis on KHA’s recent projects. These include the trio of newly completed and celebrated Aman hotels in Japan, Amanyangyun, near Shanghai, and the recently completed Walyalup Civic Centre in Fremantle, Western Australia. Added to this are a range of new commissions currently being developed by the practice’s two studios, including two wineries – one in Western Australia and the other in Tasmania – and a remarkable design for a desert resort in Saudi Arabia. 

11 970 ₽ 10 770 ₽
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